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In our multidisciplinary laboratories, technicians, designers, historians and chemists work together to offer our customers one-of-a-kind products, starting from the choice of raw materials right up to environmental impact studies.
In our in-house production facilities, all processes, designed according to energy saving criteria, are constantly monitored to ensure the highest quality standards.
Finally, shipment, storage and tracking are managed by a computerized system that safeguards the health and safety of workers and ensures rapid and precise answers to customers.
Producing is not enough for us. We want to do it safely, rationally, optimizing time and processes: this too is sustainability.


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Oikos supports designers, applicators, master decorators at any stage before, during and after purchase, with a technical support service that responds to their needs. From the information on Oikos solutions through to the application methods and worksite problems, we provide answers to every question with a call centre service, tailored advice, or by sending skilled technicians.

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