SuperDesign Show "Superloft" by Giulio Cappellini

Superdesign Show is a synonym for qualityexcellence and research. The theme this year is ONLY THE BEST for which the biggest names, the most innovative projects and the latest trends in lifestyle and solutions that improve the environment and everyday life, have been selected.

Among these, is also White. Il Bianco Oikos, the ecological paint that decorates the surfaces of Superloft, an imaginary yet at the same time, real residential unit, eclectic and elegant, created by Giulio Cappellini. A house that brings together the main players of design Made in Italy and master craftsmen.

White. Il Bianco Oikos, the ecological paint that decorates combines paint, texture and ecology to enhance walls and the surfaces of interior spaces, guaranteeing the highest levels of well being and safeguarding peoples health.


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