International Furniture Exhibition, Il Salone del Mobile

At the International furniture exhibition in Milan, Oikos renewed its partnership with EuromobilFendiSnaidero and Starpool, examples of Italian excellence, in order to together promote the values of made in italy, of quality, design, sustainability and well-being.

Well-being in residential and public spaces and care for the environment have always been the guiding principles of Oikos and that after years of research, have lead to the reaching of an important milestone: White. Il Bianco Oikos, the ecological paint without formaldehyde, making it possible to breathe healthy air in interiors and guaranteeing long lasting durability.


Milan Design Week

Oikos in the city

oikos in città

Bottega Lapel

Ceramica Flaminia

Ideal Standard Italia

IL10 Studio & Project "Unseen 2.0 L’invisto"

Scic Cucine

Snaidero Misura casa Flagship Store

Salone del Mobile

I Saloni


Fendi Cucine Chic Italia