Oikos’ white at “Mediterranei invisibili” on occasion of the architecture biennale 2018

On Friday May 25, at the Baglioni Hotel Luna in Venice, Oikos will participate to “Mediterranei Invisibili”. The event, organized by Roberta Busnelli, publisher of IQD will include the participation of Claudio Balestri, Oikos’ Chairman, and that of architect Alfonso Femia.

Mediterranei Invisibili will cover the topic of the history of white in the cities overlooking the Mediterranean. The history of locations, architectural traditions and stylistic innovations where white will be the undisputed protagonist of the evening.

The use of white in the Mediterranean urban tradition is the result of experimentations and a knowledgeable use and re-use of materials that nowadays create a very specific architectural style that ensures the healthiness of the environments where we live. In fact, white reflects the sun, ensuring hygiene and brightness. This is why white is deemed the symbol of Mediterranean architecture.


Venezia, Biennale Architettura