In the Oikos Decor Center in Minsk, Design for the HO.RE.CA industry was the theme at the top of the bill for discussion

The evolution underway in the world of HO.RE.CA and its spaces is one that involves a large sector with huge potentials. This was the theme of the meeting of the Association of Belarusian Hotel and Restaurant Owners and Managers, held in the rooms of the welcoming Oikos Decor Center in Minsk. 

Designers, HO.RE.CA trade professionals and professionals from the decor industry met to discuss the demand for innovation, both in relation to the project and the Design, and also in terms of the specialised skills required to meet the new demands from the market, as well as modern lifestyles and consumption habits. These meetings are proof that the professionals from Belarus are keenly pursuing an innovative, modern approach to design, fully in line with the latest trends.

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