In the new Oikos Decor Center in Minsk: innovation, design and craftsmanship come together.

Opened just over two months ago, the new Decor Center is the reference-point for designers, master decorators and dealers where you can find out all about Oikos colours and matter, interact with technicians to search for made-to-measure solutions, draw inspiration, discover, experiment and have training.

It’s an innovative space where architecture dialogues with the many faces of style and design and it does this also by promoting and supporting events, such as the one organized by the “Archi-Design” club. Two design projects have been presented, to great international acclaim: the lights by the Australian designer Christopher Boots and the project from the two young Belarusian designers Maria Stepanova and Lilia Koshcheeva, who shared their work experience abroad by illustrating one of their latest works created in Barcelona.

Also taking part in the event was the designer Elina Shindler, who is well-known for her original work in the field of furniture and has been awarded a Belarusian national accolade in the design field.

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