ArtColor Bike

Colour transforms into movement for a more sustainable city: artColorBike is a project that, through the use of art as a social tool, involves institutions, associations and companies, all projected towards the future, united in the promotion of shared values such as respect for the environment, critical levels of consumerism and sustainable mobility.

Oikos' green vocation is expressed through the support of activities and projects in synergy with the environment and promotion of a positive lifestyle, being responsible and taking care of ones psycho-physical well-being. In artColorBike, the ecological paint that decorates the walls of all public and domestic spaces, becomes study material for the students of the Brera Academy who have given new life to objects that are destined to become obsolete. “ArtColorBike ‘uses’ the world of art as a means of expressing common intentions  and choses an alternative, creative and efficient method to communicate these common values. [cit. Vieri Barsotti, CEO of Contexto] For Oikos, well-being is also a common interest and it hopes to create the condition in which to orientate the consumer towards a careful and informed choice in the purchasing of paints and textures that are able to respond to all technical requirements and enhance surfaces, respecting the environment and peoples health.



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