formazione di bolle d'aria in applicazione - EN

GREEN SURFACES SOLUTIONS SINCE 1984The product blisters during application

The painting product swells up, due to the formation of air bubbles that prevent the product from sticking to the surface.

A) Application of products to porous surfaces
B) Poor quality product
C) Surface dries too quickly
D) Use of unsuitable roller
E) Product applied too quickly and forcefully with the roller

A) Effectively prepare the surfaces to be painted using specific fixatives and cement smoothers
B) Use good quality products
C) Comply with the indications regarding the temperature of application
E) Carry out preliminary tests on smaller surfaces

Recommended cycles

A) Crilux or Neofix or Il Pigmentato or Il Primer or Stucco in Pasta per Rasatura or Novalis Fondo Riempitivo or Novalis Turapori

The product blisters during application: Products