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GREEN SURFACES SOLUTIONS SINCE 1984Detachment of the layer of paint

Detachment of the paint and the underlying layers.

A) Applying a product with a high fixative content over various coats of poorer quality products
B) Failure of lower layers to stick to the surface
C) Presence of grease or dirt

A) When possible, find out what type of product was used previously and verify the level of adhesion to the surface. Use the same type of products and if in doubt, use light products.
B,C) Verify the level of adhesion of the lower layers, and carefully clean the surfaces to be treated

Recommended cycles
A,B) For Interiors

  • if required, removal of the various layers of paint with Ekostripper, Novalis Sverniciatore 
  • if required, levelling of the cement with: Stucco in Pasta per Rasatura, Rasatura alla Calce, Rasokol
  • consolidation of the various layers using fixatives: Crilux, Neofix

All OIKOS finishes for indoor use

Detachment of the layer of paint: Products