OIKOS SPACE ROME: The training centre for architecture hosts Edizioni Context for the "Contract and Hospitality Workshop"

Supporting professionals as they grow, with training courses and demonstrations of techniques and solutions, is an indispensable element for generating culture on the endless design possibilities. The accredited training workshop was organised with practical talks on the dynamics of the contract sector, analysing these from different points of view provided by designers and companies. The speakers, in a continuous dialogue-debate with the participating architects, focused on customising solutions and on the profitable relationship which must exist between design and production to finalise an efficient "turnkey" service.

President Claudio Balestri stepped in with a roundup of references from the hospitality industry, to illustrate the many solutions which can be obtained through the effective use of matter and colour in the design and architectural definition of wellness. This was followed by a practical demonstration with a specialised technician.

To end the day, architect Simone Micheli talked about his personal experience in contract design, meeting with the interest and curiosity of the large audience.

A day event coordinated by the Kreat Architectural Network group.


  • Elisa Montalti – Architect
  • Beatrice Vegetti – Architect
  • Marco Frascarolo – FABERTECHNICA Engineer
  • Claudio Balestri – President of OIKOS
  • Simone Micheli– Architect

Oikos Academy would like to thank the speakers for their professionalism and all the participants for attending.

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