In the Utah valley, a parade of Oikos signature houses

The style and sustainability of Oikos solutions is in display at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes with 4 homes registered in the competition. It is about a construction “competition”, traditionally American, that opens the doors to the newest and most beautiful luxury design homes completed in the year 2016.

In involves everyone operating in the construction sector, from builders to developers to general contractors all the way to the architect/interior designers and final clients. The builders, in agreement with the owner, display the house for a total of 20 days, complete with finishes and decorations. 

For Oikos, in collaboration with its local partner, VeroDynamic, it is the occasion to  display its solutions of great aesthetic impact, Made in Italy and very environmentally friendly, fruit of a work cycle that is energy saving conscious, based on the reuse of its own residual materials and that of others. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to make new contacts, network with others in the sector and have access to a dedicated space in the local construction market.

In this occasion, the builders display the novelties of the market, start new trends and the most innovative of ideas. 

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