Oikos together with TAMassociati at Italian Pavilion, Venice Biennale

Oikos is the sponsor of the exhibit “Taking Care” organised by the TAMassociati architectural office for the Italian Pavilion at the Architecture Exhibition 2016 - Venice Biennale.

Oikos' collaboration with some of the most important Italian and international architects is a testament to its intense and continuous ability to innovate within the field of design,.colour and matter, It is for this reason that Oikos is partner with TAMassociati at Biennale.

The architects office, with the exhibit “Taking Care” presents an intelligent and shared architecture that is able to imagine a better future also through the re-use of materials. The spaces of the exhibit in the Italian Pavilion have been realised using panels that were used in the construction of the Irish Pavilion in last years Expo and Oikos materials created using the waste product of other production processes.


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