OIKOS SPACE MILAN: opens the doors to its partners to support new training courses

Oikos Academy continues with its training proposals through synergies with its partners to consolidate the Network of Qualified Professionals. The goal is to train artisans who become "Professionals of colour and material", generating culture and value on Oikos customised and innovative solutions, a guarantee of quality and durability.

This is why during the course organised in the Oikos Space of Milan in partnership with the Garavaglia Showroom, great attention was paid by the head professional to the development of the image of the applicator and the importance of the training programme.

The presentation of the company's philosophy has allowed the participants to understand the importance given by the company in respecting the environment, a priority towards people and the planet, which has led over the years to work day after day in proposing solutions based on the concept of recycling and recovery of materials, with a strong aesthetic impact towards strong, durable technical components.

The new website has captured the attention of the participants, particularly interested in the professional section and in the possibility of having a personal web profile with the display of their most important jobs, and to promote their professional development.

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