A new beginning for Kino Workshop in Taranto

We at Oikos color and material for architecture we strongly believe in the passion and enthusiasm of our dealers and we are aware of the importance of their daily work . For this we are always complemented , even with a small gesture to help starting again with even more desire and enthusiasm than before.

Thanks from Kino Workshop

"They say that the signs of what happens in our lives remain, and sometimes they are also visible and clear even on us.
This applies as much to the good things, as it does to the unpleasant things which await us, prefigured by the events of our existence.
By now, you are all well aware of how unpleasant the flood of October 16, 2015 was.
To you, who helped to respond so quickly to the fury of the water!
To you who, in the days that followed, helped us to erase all traces of the occurrence, and make our locations even more beautiful than before, with a new image...
Our THANKS goes to you from the bottom of our heart!
Ad maiora!"

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