Oikos sostiene Mashable Social Media Day, a Milano

Research, innovation and sustainability are key elements for the Oikos philosophy. That is why the laboratory and research sector are the company’s true heart: the centre where its sustainable surface solutions were studied. A road ending with latest generation products, based on recycling and reusing waste materials. Innovative solutions, with great decorative potential and technical performances. With this in mind, Oikos embraces all forms of experimentation on the latest technological novelties and on digital communication. The company is always very interested in new trends and in conversing with web protagonists: bloggers, influencers and sector experts.

That is why the company has decided to support the Mashable Social Media Days Italy to be held in Milan on 21-22 October at the IED - Istituto Europeo di Design (European Institute of Design). Two days spent on updating and training with innovation the main protagonist and central theme; narrated through concrete strategies and successful case studies presented by over thirty communication professionals.

On the evening of 22 October, the Mashable Party, the exclusive party closing the two-day event, will be hosted in the Oikos Torre Velasca Penthouse.

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