Oikos colour and matter for architecture embraces the art of Roberto Semprini. Rimini.

The Oikos mattersolutions add value to the exhibition of Roberto Semprini - Masterpieces From Art to Design - at the Sala Arengo in Rimini, from March 5th to April 3rd. 

Original design in Italy is created by skilfully combining the media of art and design; with his work Roberto Semprini re-interprets several works of art from a new, three dimensional standpoint.

The desire to indelibly mark the union between art and design indeed led the artistic director to Oikos, a reference point for the design community. The company's tailor-made solutions interpret the deep, modern artistic mark, creating enveloping and aesthetically impacting proposals.

The artist’s partnership with Oikos has given him the maximum artistic freedom in the choice of materials, responding to the different expressive needs of the exhibition.

Oikos supports artistic projects, as it is convinced that the key to improving society lies in art, culture and respect for mankind.


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