EPM ROME SPACE -Designers, manufacturers and resellers meet and exchange views

"Transforming what has been built"

Oikos colour and matter for architecture strives every day to propose solutions based on the concept of recycling and recovering materials. These solutions are characterised by a striking aesthetic impact, and strong, long lasting technical components. On the basis of this approach, Oikos participated in the workshop, sponsored by Edicom Edizioni in collaboration with Edilpiemme.

Its intervention, with the report entitled "Restructure, redevelop, requalify: colour", testifies to its long experience in the field of restoring historical heritage and renovation.

Prof. Marco Jadicicco Spignese, Architect, illustrated the process of recovery with a particular focus on the use of colour and matter, showing excellent Oikos case studies.

Roman examples of restoration, including the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, the Gran Madre di Dio church, the building of the Convent of Santa Maria Nova, were shown to the architects who attended the accredited training course, who responded with great interest and curiosity.

The course also saw the participation of the Wedi company, which described its products for the renovation of existing buildings, with the aim of introducing new materials and how to use them properly.

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