EDUcare: a project to upgrade educational institutions.

Oikos supports the installation by C+S Architects, EDUcare at the Architecture Exhibition 2016 - Venice Biennale.

The objective of the architectural practice and Oikos is that of upgrading the spaces dedicated to education, transforming conventional school buildings into open structures that actively promote the exchange of experience and culture.

Oikos has enthusiastically embraced the EDUcare project because it is based on experimental research and development of activities linked to the construction and realisation of educational structures, especially with regards to the adapting of spaces to educational needs, by also placing importance on how colour is used in these spaces in order to facilitate learning and improve the performance of the students.
The chromatic solutions presented at the 
Biennale in Venice are examples of the company's ability to interpret the creativity of the designer and to create made to measure products that translate their ideas into reality. 


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