ADI DESIGN CHAT: Colour and matter. Between craftsmanship and design

On January 20th, OIKOS hosted the second meeting of the Design Chat at its headquarters in Gatteo Mare

Between craftsmanship and design, on January 20th OIKOS hosted the second meeting of the Design Chat in its general headquarters in Gatteo Mare. This was an opportunity for professionals to meet and interact, organised in collaboration with ADI - Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Association for Industrial Design), Emilia-Romagna Delegation. The meeting included a debate among the top manager of the company, a leading figure in the design world and a member of the ADI Board of Directors on issues linked to the relationships between design, business and company. Design Chat entitled "Colour and Matter. Between craftsmanship and design", the speakers were Claudio Balestri (President of Oikos), Carlo Branzaglia (President of ADI Emilia-Romagna Delegation), architect Roberto Semprini, moderated by Alessandro Lolli (Design Context Director).

The round table, which included a practical and a theoretical section and a visit to the company’s factories was proof of the partnership established by OIKOS with excellent representatives of the sector, to provide designers with sustainable, cutting edge colours and matter.


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