OIKOS ACADEMY: companies compared during training

Academy: The professional training organised by Oikos Academy continues. It is designed to consolidate the network of specialised users who are able to complete projects with maximum efficiency and accuracy. In the Oikos Space in Turin, an opportunity for small businesses to exchange views and receive support, two essential elements for gaining knowledge, learning and exchanging experiences in order to offer all customers an exclusive turn-key service.

Opportunities for meeting and exchanging views are important for studying the techniques and potentials that colour and matter offer, but also for finding, together with the Oikos technicians, new customised solutions that continue to pursue sustainability with the maximum respect. 

The course, organised at the Oikos Space in Turin in partnership with retailer Colore Amico, encouraged everyone present to actively participate. The objectives were to listen to and discuss the issues of the articulated programme of solutions, services and tools functional for improving skills, in order to emerge more effectively in an increasingly competitive market and improve the company organisation to ensure that the needs of the end customer could be met more efficiently.

During the course, Luciano Perli, as head of Oikos Professional, presented the new website, showing the interesting ways in which it can be used to present solutions and update users’ professional knowledge. The site will also enable each Oikos User to configure a personal web profile displaying his or her most important works. 

Oikos Academy would like to thank all the participants for attending.

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