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Technical Qualities
AUREUM by Oikos, regal alchemy, gold for walls, a
decorative, golden finish created using lime putty and golden
powders with a low environmental impact. The shades of
AUREUM derive from the colours of the earth and the warm
tones of nature; combining elements from historical research
and an understanding of contemporary technology, it has
been possible to give rise to a product that is able to adapt
itself to both modern and traditional settings. The product
makes it possible to achieve precious and elegant finishes in
various golden tones, creating, according to the sources of
light and the angle at which the surface is looked at, lavish
patterns on a golden texture; furthermore, the vivaciousness
of the golden reflections, lights up the wall, giving the setting
an unmistakeable elegance with a silky sensation to the
touch. The product is non inflammable and friendly to both
humans and the environment.
Ideal Use
Decoration of interior walls and furnishings.
Surface Preparation
Clean the surface to be decorated, removing any loose or
flaking material. Apply a coat of the fixative IL PRIMER by
Oikos in order to insure perfect adhesion. Screed the surface
Application Method
For an impeccable finish, apply AUREUM in two coats using
the special Inox steel trowel by Oikos (art.113) if necessary
it is possible to add up to a maximum of 5% water tio the
product in order to obtain the right fluidity:
first coat:
proceed to spread a thin coat of AUREUM
directly on the STUCCO IN PASTA PER RASATURA, making
large trowel marks to completely cover the surface. Wait 6 ÷
8 hours until dry;
apply a very thin coat of product, partially
overlapping the trowel marks and gently smoothing the
surface with the blade of the trowel; after approximately one
hour, pass over the surface for a final time to fully smooth
the finish.
To enhance the gloss effect and protect it, apply after 6 ÷ 8
hours CERA STUCCO by Oikos. In order to obtain a higher
level of water resistance and washability, apply after 4 ÷ 5
Technical Characteristics
• Dilution: ready to use, max 5% water
• Yield: 5 ÷ 6 m²/kg
• Application tools: Inox steel trowel by Oikos
• Fixative: IL PRIMER by Oikos
by Oikos
STUCCO by OIKOS by Oikos
• Application temperature: +5°C ÷ +36°C (with relative
humidity not exceeding 80%)
• Tack free time: 1 h (temperature = 20°C with relative
humidity at 75%)
• Total drying time: 20 ÷ 25 days (temperature = 20°C with
relative humidity at 75%)
• Tools cleaning: water
The Product
• Composition: lime putty, golden pigments, natural
additives, inorganic pigments based on iron oxide.
• Specific weight: 1,2 kg/l +/- 3%
• pH: 12 ÷ 13
• Viscosity: tixotropic paste
• Storage temperature: +2°C ÷ +36°C (keep from freezing)
• Reaction to fire: negative if the product is applied on a
non inflammable base; water based material with a dry
thickness of less than 0,600 mm.
• Water absorption W24: Low; W24: 0,032 kg/m²/t1/2
(UNI EN 1062-3:2001)
• Permeability to water vapour: Sd High ; Sd: 0,0002 m
(UNI EN ISO 7783-2:2001)
• Emission limits of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
according to directive 2004/42/CE: Classification:
A/l; VOC: 60 g/l (max); Limit Phase I (from 1.1.2007):
300 g/l, Limit Phase II (from 1.1.2010): 200 g/l
• Colours: Shades of the color chart
• Packaging: Kg 1 – 5
• Warning:
• avoid prolonged contact with the skin:
if necessary, wash thoroughly with soap and
water. If the irritation persists, consult a
• avoid contact with the eyes, in case of
accidental contact, wash thoroughly with a
sugar-water solution. If the irritation persists,
consult a doctor.
Technical Data Sheet INT/au/02
The company Oikos S.r.l. guarantees, to the best of its own
technical and scientific knowledge, that the information
contained in this technical data sheet is
correct. Not withstanding that indicated above, Oikos takes
no responsibility for the results obtained through the use of
this product in as much as it is not possible for Oikos to check
or control the application method used. For this reason, we
recommend that you check carefully that each product chosen,
is suitable for each individual use to which it is put.
Toxicological Data
The product is free of heavy metals such as lead or chrome.
does not contain toxic solvents, aromatics or chlorides. Ther
is no risk of any dangerous polymerisation. Read carefully
the safety data sheet: the product is labelled Xi, R41 irritant.
Normal cautionary measures for the handling of water base
paints are advised. No special arrangements are required f
the storage, movement and transportation of the product; th
containers, residue, eventual spilt material should be cleane
up using absorbent inert material such as sand, soil etc. etc.
and then disposed of in accordance with the regional and
national regulations in force at that time. Transportation mus
be carried out in accordance with international agreements.
Carefully clean the surface removing any loose or flaking
material. Apply a primer or fixative such as IL PRIMER by
Oikos in order to insure a perfect adhesion to the surface.
Oikos. Apply two coats of a product such as AUREUM by
Oikos. The application must be made by trowel. All must
be carried out in accordance with the norms of application
and with a cost of ............. per m
including material and