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and brick work, thus avoiding the formation of mould
and bacteria over time. The product has low odour, is
non inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the
Ideal Use
Decoration of interior walls and furnishings.
Surface Preparation
Clean the surface and apply a coat of the fixative
IL PRIMER by OIKOS to insure perfect adhesion of the
product to the surface.
On rough and irregular surfaces, screed with STUCCO IN
Application Method
Warning: Intense colours must be left to settle for
approximately ten hours after being gìhaving been
coloured in order to regain a suitable consistency.
For an impeccable result, apply the product in three
coats using the special Inox Steel Trowel by OIKOS.
• First coat: proceed to screed the surface with
STUCCO ROMANO. Wait 6 ÷ 8 hours until dry.
• Second coat: proceed to apply a thin coat over the
surface in such a way as to obtain a completely
smooth but matt surface. Wait 6 ÷ 8 hours until dry.
• Finish: for the best results, mix the product thoroughly
before use to make it fluid, after this apply a thin coat
of product, overlapping the trowel marks and at the
same time polishing the surface with the blade of the
trowel. According to the intensity of the polishing and
the tool used in applying the finish, it is possible to
obtain an end result with varying levels of gloss.
Finishes and protective coatings
To protect and enhance the sheen of the finish, after 6 ÷
8 hours, apply CERA PER STUCCO by OIKOS.
In the event that a greater level of impermeability and
washability is desired apply PROTETTIVO PER STUCCO
by OIKOS after 4 ÷ 5 days.
humidity not exceeding 80%)
• Drying time until touch dry: 1h (temperature = 20°C with
relative humidity at 75%)
• Total drying time: 20 ÷ 24 days (temperature = 20°C
with relative humidity at 75%)
• Tools cleaning: Water
The product
• Composition: Based on slaked lime, natural additives,
inorganic, pigments based on iron oxides and coloured
• Specific weight:1,6 kg/l +/- 3%
• pH: 12 ÷ 13
• Viscosity: 70.000 ÷ 90.000 CPS Brookfield
(RVT 20 revs/min. a 25°C)
• Storage temperature: +2°C ÷ +36°C. Keep from
• Reaction to fire: Negative if the product is applied on a
non inflammable base; water based material with a dry
thickness of less than 0,600 mm
• Permeability to water vapour Sd: 0,05 m (max allowed
limit 2 m, DIN 52 615)
• Emission limits of Volatile organic compounds (VOC),
according to the directive 2004/42/CE: Classification:
A/l; VOC: 5 g/l (max); Limit phase 1 (from 1.1.2007):
300 g/l, Limit phase II (from 1.1.2010): 200 g/l
• Colours: Shades of the colour chart
• Packaging: Kg 1 – 5 – 20
• Warning: Avoid prolonged contact with the skin: if
necessary, wash thoroughly with soap and water.
If the irritation persists, consult a doctor.
Avoid contact with the eyes, in case of accidental
contact, wash thoroughly with a sugar-water solution. If
the irritation persists, consult a doctor.
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The company Oikos S.r.l guarantees, to the best of its own
technical and scientific knowledge, that the information
contained in this technical data sheet is
correct. Not withstanding that indicated above, Oikos takes
no responsibility for the results obtained through the use
of this product in as much as it is not possible for Oikos to
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