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The company Oikos S.r.l. guarantees, to the best of its own
technical and scientific knowledge, that the information
contained in this technical data sheet is
correct. Not withstanding that indicated above, Oikos takes
no responsibility for the results obtained through the use
of this product in as much as it is not possible for Oikos to
check or control the application method used. For this reason,
we recommend that you check carefully that each product
chosen, is suitable for each individual use to which it is put.
Technical Qualities
Mother of Pearl finish for RAFFAELLO DÉCOR STUCCO.
Based on lime putty, the product guarantees the substrate
maximum vapour permeability and aids the natural
diffusion of humidity through the wall, thus avoiding, over
time, the formation of mould and bacteria. It has a low
odour level, is non-inflammable and is friendly to both
humans and the environment.
Ideal Use
Decoration of walls, indoor furniture, any laminate surface,
P.V.C., metal and wood.
Surface Preparation
Clean the surface to be decorated, removing any loose
material and apply the recommended fixative, IL PRIMER
by OIKOS in order to ensure perfect adhesion of the
product to the surface.
Application Method
To achieve the perfect finish, apply the product in three
coats using a steel trowel by OIKOS.
• First coat and second coat: proceed to smooth over the en-
tire surface with RAFFAELLO DÉCOR STUCCO, coloured as
indicated on the colour chart in order to obtain a perfectly
smooth, matt surface. Wait 6 ÷ 8 hours between each coat
in order for them to dry.
• Final coat: Proceed to apply the colour of RAFFAELLO
MADREPERLATO by OIKOS indicated on the colour
chart, in patches well spaced between each other, thus
obtaining an irregular pattern. After several minutes apply
a very thin veil of product over the whole area at the same
time smoothing and polishing the surface, obtaining a
pearly, gloss effect depending on how much the surface is
In order to obtain a higher level of water resistance and
washability, apply after 4 ÷ 5 days CERA PER RAFFAELLO
Technical Characteristics
• Dilution/Mixing: ready to use
• Yield: 10 m
• Application tools: Stainless steel trowel by OIKOS
• Primers: IL PRIMER by OIKOS
• Base coat: Raffaello Decor Stucco by Oikos
• Protective coat: CERA PER RAFFAELLO by OIKOS
• Application temperature: +5°C ÷ +36°C
(with relative humidity not exceeding 80%)
• Drying time until touch dry: 1 h
(temperature = 20°C with relative humidity at 75%)
• Drying time until fully cured: 20 ÷ 25 days
(temperature = 20°C with relative humidity at 75%)
• Tools cleaning: water
The product
• Composition: lime putty, natural additives, pearlescent
material, coloured earth and iron oxide based inorganic
• Specific weight: 1,2 Kg/l ±3%
• pH: 12 ÷ 13
• Viscosity: 30.000 ÷ 60.000 CPS Brookfield
(RVT 20 revs/min. 25°C)
• Storage temperature: +2°C ÷ +36°C.
Keep from freezing
• Fire reaction: negative if applied on to a non inflam-
mable surface, water based material with a dry thickness
of less than 0,600 mm
• Vapour permeability Sd: 0,06 m
(max allowed limit 2 m, DIN 52 615)
• Emission limits of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
according to directive 2004/42/CE:
Classification: A/l; VOC: 58 g/l (max);
Phase I limits (dal 1.1.2007): 300 g/l,
Phase II limits (dal 1.1.2010): 200 g/l
• Available colours: shades of the colour chart
• Packaging: Kg 1 - 5 - 20
• Warning:
• Avoid prolonged contact with the skin: if necessary,
wash thoroughly with soap and water. If the irritation
persists, consult a doctor.
• Avoid contact with the eyes, in case of accidental
contact, wash thoroughly with a sugar-water solution.
If the irritation persists, consult a doctor
Toxicological Data
The product is free of heavy metals such as lead or
chrome. It does not contain toxic solvents, aromatics
or chlorides. There is no risk of any dangerous
polymerisation. Read carefully the safety data sheet: the
product is labelled Xi, R41 irritant. Normal cautionary
measures for the handling of water based paints are
advised. No special arrangements are required for the
storage, movement and transportation of the product;
the containers, residue, eventual spilt material should be
cleaned up using absorbent inert material such as sand,
soil etc. etc. and then disposed of in accordance with the
regional and national regulations in force at that time.
Transportation must be carried out in accordance with
international agreements.
Thoroughly clean the surface, removing any loose material.
Apply a fixative such as IL PRIMER by OIKOS and wait for
it to dry. Apply two coats of a product such as RAFFAELLO
DECOR STUCCO OIKOS and a third coat of a finish such
For the working of the product a steel trowel must be used
with the final effect imitating marble. All must be carried
out in accordance with the norms of application, at a cost
of …………/m
inclusive of materials and labour.
Technical Data Sheet INT/rm/02