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The company Oikos S.r.l. guarantees, to the best of its own
technical and scientific knowledge, that the information
contained in this technical data sheet is
correct. Not withstanding that indicated above, Oikos takes
no responsibility for the results obtained through the use
of this product in as much as it is not possible for Oikos to
check or control the application method used. For this reaso
we recommend that you check carefully that each product
chosen, is suitable for each individual use to which it is put.
Technical Qualities
ENCANTO is a special, water based, decorative paint
whose simple application, delicate blended tones and
precious metallic accents that, according to the light,
create elegant, shimmering reflections, confirm the union
between antique techniques and modern product giving
the surroundings a charming and prestigious feel that
is difficult to obtain with a normal paint. The product is
easy and quick to use and gives no problems of joints
during application. Thanks to its composition, the product
can be used in interior settings, giving the surfaces a
charming effect with a transparent metallic veil. With
Encanto antique art, modern design and fashion, as if by
magic, are brought together in a single product, leaving
an enchanting look on the wall made up of coloured,
metallic accents. ENCANTO is vapour permeable, has a
low odour level, is non inflammable and friendly to both
humans and the environments.
Ideal Use
Decoration of interior surfaces.
Surface Preparation
New surfaces should be dry and fully matured. For
powdering surfaces or surfaces with old paint that is
no longer well attached, proceed to clean the surface
removing any loose or crumbling material. Following this,
proceed to apply a coat of CRILUX or NEOFIX by Oikos.
Apply one or two coats, according to requirements, of
FONDO MURALES, in order to obtain an even white
surface. As an alternative, using ULTRASATEN OPACO
by Oikos as a base coat, it is possible to accentuate the
chromatic reflections and lengthen the drying time of the
finish product.
Application Method
Apply a coat of ENCANTO using the indicated Spanish
brush by Oikos, crossing over the brush strokes in order to
obtain an even distribution over the whole surface.
Should a more even, blended finish be desired, it is
possible to apply the ENCANTO in 2 coats, diluting
the product 20% with drinkable water and waiting
approximately 4 hours between coats.
Finish and Protective
To better protect ENCANTO from wear and tear, apply
the special transparent, protective varnish WATINS LUX
or IGROLUX by OIKOS. To achieve a finish with brilliant
reflections, it is possible to mix WATINS LUX or IGROLUX
with the additive DECORGLITTER by Oikos.
Technical Characteristics
• Dilution: 5% with drinkable water
• Yield: 6 ÷ 8 m
/l according to surface absorption
• Application tools: Spanish-Brush by Oikos
• Fixatives: CRILUX or NEOFIX by Oikos
OPACO by Oikos
• Application temperature: +10°C ÷ +36°C
(with relative humidity not exceeding 80%)
• Drying time until touch dry: 1 h
(temperature = 20°C with relative humidity at 75%)
• Drying time washable: 7 days
(temperature = 20°C with relative humidity at 75%)
• Tools cleaning: water
The Product
• Composition: acrylic copolymers in water dispersion,
special effect pigments, selected fillers and additives to
facilitate application
• Specific weight: 0,9 Kg/l ±3%
• pH: 6 ÷ 7
• Viscosity: 10.000 ÷ 15.000 CPS Brookfield
(RVT 20 revs/min. a 25°C)
• Storage temperature: +2°C ÷ +36°C. Keep from
• Fire reaction: negative if the product is applied onto a
non-inflammable surface; water based material with dry
thickness of less than 0,600 mm
• Vapour permeability Sd : High: Sd 0,008m
(UNI EN ISO 7783-2:2001)
• Washed resistance: class 3 (UNI EN ISO 11998:2003)
• Emission limits of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
according to directive 2004/42/CE:
Classification: A/l; VOC: 40g/l (max);
Limit Phase I (from 01/01/2007): 300g/l,
Limit Phase II (from 01/01/2010): 200g/l
• Colors: shades of the colour chart
• Packaging: 1 - 4 - 5 litres
Toxicological Data
The product is free of heavy metals such as lead or
chrome. It does not contain toxic solvents, aromatics
or chlorides. There is no risk of any dangerous
polymerisation. The product is considered to be a non
dangerous substance if used in the technically correct
manner. Normal cautionary measures for the handling of
water based paints are advised. No special arrangement
are required for the storage, movement and transportatio
of the product; the containers, residue, eventual spilt
material should be cleaned up using absorbent inert
material such as sand, soil etc. etc. and then disposed of
in accordance with the regional and national regulations
in force at that time. Transportation must be carried out in
accordance with international agreements.
Carefully clean the surface removing any loose material.
Apply, if necessary an acrylic primer such as Crilux or
Neofix by Oikos. Apply one or two coats, according to
requirements, of a base coat such as Fondo Murales or
Ultrasaten Opaco by Oikos, in order to obtain an even
white surface. Apply a coat of a decorative, metallic pain
such as Encanto using the indicated Spanish brush by
Oikos, crossing over the brush strokes in order to obtain a
even distribution over the whole surface. All must carried
out in accordance with the norms of application, at a cost
of ………… m. inclusive of materials and labour.
Technical Data Sheet INT/en/04